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Work began in 1959; it lasted about 2 years and was completed in the spring of 1961, thus enabling the club to be inaugurated on Easter Day of the same year.The first 18 holes of the course were entrusted to the prestigious Studio Cotton & Sutton: the two London architects, working in total respect for the environment, gave the course a typically Anglo-Saxon feel. A very technical course, with elevated starts and a good distribution of water and sand obstacles, full of natural slopes that make arrivals on some greens very challenging.


The Albenza boasts of three 9-hole courses of high and recognized technical standing on which prestigious tournaments are held each year.


Singular is the Club House, designed by architect Sandro Angelini, he has created a building quite different from the rustic-elegant style often encountered in other Clubs, and born of the need to adapt an existing structure to its new function. Here are spacious lounges, a modern entrance hall, game rooms, offices, bar, and a very functional restaurant. 

Of particular note is the extensive use of characteristic cobblestone walls and wrought iron, intimately linked to the traditions and culture of the Bergamo valleys. All this has made the Albenza one of the most elegant and welcoming clubs in Italy.


For information and reservations we will be happy to put you in direct contact with the organizing secretary of the Golf Club

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