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Famiglia in vacanza sugli sci


Skiing in Castione della Presolana at the Monte Pora resort is an extraordinary experience in the enchanting setting of Alta Valseriana during the winter season.

With as many as 26 slopes suitable for all skill levels, there is something for every type of skier. After a day of exciting descents, you can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation in the sun, a feature that is never lacking at Pora.

The presence of a lighted slope at night, combined with abundant snow and cozy lodges, makes the experience of skiing at Castione della Presolana at Monte Pora unforgettable for everyone. With excellent sun exposure, all-day skiing is possible, benefiting from the smooth, wide and challenging runs offered by the distinctive panettone-shaped landscape.

Nine lifts serve the 10 downhill ski slopes, providing easy access for all levels of skiers. In addition, the ability to ski at night on the Malga Pora - Pian del Termen slope adds a special touch to the night skiing experience.

All in all, skiing in Castione della Presolana at Monte Pora Location promises not only excitement on snow, but also moments of relaxation and fun, creating unforgettable memories in a unique winter environment.

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